I was approached by an upcoming Italian wine company called
'Don Vitantonio' for a brand new logo along with some new labels for the wine bottle.

They wanted the colour to remain the same, having the gold up front along with a dark background to represent the quality of the wine. I began sketching a few 'DV' logo ideas and we ended up with this logo design. A sharp logo with a gold gradient to give a high quality vibe.

I then continued with designing both front and back labels of the wine bottle, keeping them consistent along with matching the uniqueness of the logo itself. I believe the use of negative space works great for the labels, making the design breathe along with being relaxing and aesthetically pleasing. The pattern of the grapes and leaves bring out an interesting design look, keeping it minimal enough to add the text at the bottom. For the back label, I organized all the information in a way which it does not overpower the front label, along with having a small hint of the grape pattern at the bottom.

I then finished this project by creating a wine bottle mockup with the labels I designed for a more professional and presentable look.


Hanging Wall Sign MockUp 4.jpg
Perspective Business Cards MockUp 2.jpg
Tshirt Mockup.jpg