BHOT 2.jpg


As a second part of the Book Cover Design project, the second book I chose to design for the Penguin Student Design Awards 2018 is 'A Brief History of Time' by Stephen Hawking which falls into the category of Adult Non-Fiction.

The reason I chose this book is because I love books that detail  the physics of space and know the style of design that these type of books need. 

I began to research the content of the book and after gathering up enough information I started building up my own book cover designs. Even though I created masses of cover designs for this book, I ended up choosing two designs for my finals. 

The first design I created was a solid black book with a green colour palette for the space illustrations. I decided to create a minimalist piece for this design, using plenty of negative space and placing everything evenly and balanced with each other. For the back cover I used my canvas to create a sky of space for the background of the text.

I then decided to create another cover design for this book as I had another idea running through my mind. I wanted to use all the book's space for a space illustration. I experimented and decided the style of illustrations and the colour palette I wanted to use. As I was creating the space illustrations and placing them on the book, I was also thinking of where I could add the text so it could look like one whole design without making the text look like an afterthought.

After spending a large amount of time and effort, I was extremely pleased with the design and it was something that I was proud of. 

This is the book cover design I submitted for the Penguin Student Design Awards.

BHOT 1.jpg