Animal Farm 1.jpg


This was a second year University project on Book Cover Design. As a part of this project we were given the opportunity to participate in the Penguin Student Design Awards 2018, designing the book covers of two different books. One of the books was an Adult Fiction book called 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell.

I chose to design the cover of this book because I was already familiar with it which would assist me and give me an advantage when it came to the designing part of the book.

After researching and taking my ideas digitally, I came up with plenty of book cover variations. With all the feedback I received from my tutor and course mates, I chose two final book cover designs. My first design was a full body pig illustration, the front part of the pig as the front cover and back part of the pig as the back cover. I then chose a colour palette that was related to the genre of book and the right typeface for the text, placing everything in a way that keeps the book breathable and easy to read.

For my second book cover design, I created an 'American Traditional' style of design which was firstly seen in 1991 in the tattoo industry. I blended everything together making it look like one design and chose typefaces that go well with each other. The small hints of flowers on the back cover set both back and front covers in a relation that works great. The soft colour palette of the book makes the book stand out along with making it look like a solid design. 

I decided to submit the second book cover design for the Penguin Student Design Awards as I felt it was a stronger illustration and a unique design all around.

Animal Farm 2.jpg