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A second year University project on Icon / App Interface Design. I decided to create Icons for a music application as it is something that I really appreciate in life. I wanted to take a slightly different path for this brief, so I figured recreating a similar application to Spotify as I really like its design style. The difference my application would have from Spotify, is that my application would be based on music genres I like instead of being able to browse all types of music. It is more like a personal music application.

I began with choosing the music genres I would add to my application and then decided that the type of theme I wanted my application to have was a 'Rock' theme. 

I started experimenting with the essential icons of the application and designed a set of icons with a 'sharp' and 'spiky' look to represent the 'Punk' and 'Heavy Metal' style.

I then continued by creating the genre icons of the application and kept the style similar to Spotify even though the icons I designed are completely different. I tried different colour variations for all icons and came to the decision that I really liked the dark red colour theme for the specific application.

After designing all my icons I started creating a few of the application screens so I can present my icons in action. I designed the 'playlist' screen, the 'genre' screen along with the 'now playing' screen.

I presented the final design on Iphone wire-frames along with a mockup for a more realistic look.