Final Design.jpg


I received this project during my second year studies from the third year Fashion Design students. A fellow course-mate and I were chosen to design the brochure and GIFS of the Student Fashion Degree Show 2018. 

We were given the main images, along with the logo (three dots) of the Fashion Degree Show and all the text regarding student information, titles and subtitles of each section of the brochure. Having a number of meetings with the fashion students and lecturers, they talked us through the type of design they were looking for. 

The two GIFS which I created were for the TV screens of the Fashion Degree Show. The first GIF was shown first on the screen before the Degree Show began as a 'loading' message. As soon as the Degree Show began, the second GIF appeared on the screen welcoming everyone to the Degree Show.

Regarding the brochure, we chose a unique type of fold making it an interesting design. Respecting the decisions the fashion students made, we gave them exactly what they wanted in a way that kept the design breathable and clear to read. The use of circles for the pictures worked great as the logo was made out of circles as well.

The Fashion Design students, along with the lecturers, were pleased with the final design and the Fashion Degree Show was a success and an honor to work with.