This was a third year University project where I chose to design a series of limited edition packaging for the gum brand called ‘Orbit’ by Wrigley’s. I wanted to take a challenging approach and show how versatile I can be when it comes to design, so I decided to design one gum package for the design style of each decade starting from the 1940’s until the 1980’s. This can be a proof that I can easily adapt to a design style, along with making a deep research of it to understand the design style and all its aspects, as well as producing a beautiful design. The reason why I chose to design the brand ‘Orbit’ specifically is because it is a brand that was invented in 2001, so there are not any vintage designs for its packaging and I wanted to be the person that goes back in time and designs its packaging in all the vintage designs styles through the decades.

After I designed the templates for each gum pack, I decided on what type of paper I wanted to print on to get the best result possible. I chose a matte finish 250gsm paper and replaced the package design on existing gums just for a neat and professional presentation.

I then decided to take this project a step further, so I designed an A6 guide book explaining the story behind each design style and the aspects that make it iconic in that decade.

I finished this project with taking a few mock-up pictures from different angles presenting the gum packs and the guide book for a more presentable look.